How Acho was born
The Analytics Collaboration Host
Behind every great decision, there's a team gathering great insights. From finding the next customer and market opportunity to identifying risks and anomalies, our products help teams all over the world advance analytics through cloud computing. At Acho, our mission is to help every team improve and accelerate their decision making in the era of big data analytics.
What we do Built for Cloud & Big Data
Big data is a gift to our generation's decision makers. Though it's been largely restricted to those with more computational resources and technical expertise. This has made "Big data" more of a buzzword than a practical technology that helps accelerate businesses and industries.

Acho is building a new way to access big data so you and your team can extract more value from big data in much less time. Thanks to the boom in cloud computing, team Acho is working tirelessly to improve your experience in data integration, transformation, warehousing, visualization and collaboration, all on cloud.
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The Acho Team
Team Acho is a group of data geeks, and software engineers. We embarked on this journey after years of working in data driven teams such as Hubspot and PWC. Despite the different backgrounds and experiences, we all believe in the same value of building and sharing. As builders, we are eager to share and hope to deliver lasting value to you and your team.
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