Business & Database Intelligence

Not limited to data warehousing

Data is only useful when insights are drawn. Upgrade your database to an analytical engine with native cloud-based BI tools. No connectors needed, all data projects on Acho can be analyzed and visualized on our Visual Panel off the shelf, at blazing fast speed too.

Narrate your story with big data dashboard

Acho’s Visual Panel is not just a charting or pivot table tool, it is designed for multi-sourced dashboard building. Draw elements from any Acho project tables, create meaningful analytical objects with Acho’s point and click user interface, mix-n-match the elements to form your ultimate data story.

Progress the story with dynamic updates

Acho Visual Panel will always refresh to the latest available data from your Acho projects. Watch how your data story progresses and unfolds, use the Visual Panel to build metric dashboards or simply use it to monitor data quality of your ever-changing database.

Share your story with the audience you want

Update, edit, and publish in real-time. Share visual dashboards with customized access levels. Embed chart or dashboard to your website. Publish as a website on Acho, or just as an interactive brainstorming whiteboard with your colleagues. Acho is the enabler by your side.