Data Engineering

Transform data with no code

A full suite of data cleaning and transformation tools are available in no-code format, eliminating the need to write complex expressions or code.

View transformation results instantly

Acho is optimized for big data processing, whenever a transformation step is taken, Acho can calculate and produce the results in seconds. We know the pain of iterating and waiting for data results, so we took it out completely.

Reduce bugs and errors

Take each processing step correctly with Acho. With traditional ETL tools, debugging the data transformation flow can take many iterations and a lot of time since testing can only be done after running the entire pipeline. On Acho, the result of each step is produced immediately, allowing instant feedback and testing.

Manage and visualize every pipeline

Data pipelines can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of, especially when you have many data projects. Acho quietly takes notes by your side and offer ultimate pipeline visibility so you can keep track of every step and always stay on top of things.