Data Sharing

Reimagine data migration with cloud

Share database with granular access and permission controls on cloud.

Make data flow in your team

Data analytics, much like technological advances in any field, require generations of continuous development. The power of data can only be unlocked when data is shared and users build on top of each other’s work. Acho is designed for sharing, so data originators can root their work and allow it to flow and intertwine organically downstream and blossom.

Manage data collaboratively

A good piece of data will not stop evolving. Acho recognizes that and allows users to keep track of the data assets’ downstream utilization. This feature allow data owners and collaborators to quantify the usefulness of data, and monitor potential misusage.

Custom permission and privileges for each account

With an ever-increasing amount of data, data tasks in today’s world are becoming highly dynamic and specified. Traditional user-group based access management approaches are becoming increasingly clumsy and ineffective. Acho allows permission control at the individual account level for ultimate adaptability and agility.

Control team access at column and row level

Acho recognizes that in data collaboration projects, sharing everything can be overwhelming and inefficient at times. Each user’s job function may only require a unique slice of data, so Acho took access control to the cell, by enabling access management at both column and row levels.