Acho is the best data platform for connecting, transforming, and analyzing your business data —— all in one place with NO coding required.

Build data projects to grow your business

Acho is the best data platform for connecting, transforming, and analyzing your business data —— all in one place with NO coding required.

All the tools you need for every data project

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Grow your business with the power of data

500+ businesses are using Acho to manage data assets on cloud.
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Data management and collaboration, on cloud

Access millions rows of data in a few clicks
Extract value within built-in transformations

Open large CSV, TXT, and Excel files of all sizes. Access databases and production systems with a few clicks. Perform complex data analysis and transformations all in a point-and-click interface.

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End to end data stack for data driven projects
Automate pipelines with scheduled updates

Access, manage and analyze all data from any sources, in any environment. Automate data flows between data administrators and consumers seamlessly.

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Share database accesses on multi-cloud environment
Build analytics with any App or Database

Use Acho as a GUI for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and many more databases. Analyze data from Salesforce, HubSpot, and Stripe with built-in BI solutions.

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Integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify and hundreds of other applications in a few clicks

Integrate with Apps, and databases in just 2 clicks

Acho is an end-to-end platform for your integration challenges. From databases to popular apps, all production systems can be easily connected to Acho.

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Next-gen security for the most valuable data assets

Network visibility
Network visibility

Maintain centralized access to your applications and network resources. Client-only and on-premise deployment options are available too.

Privilege separation
Privilege separation

Easily implement different levels of privilege, depending on your role. From project level to table level, we offer granular access managements such as view, edit, share, download, etc.

Secure data
Secure data

All data in-transit is encrypted with TLS 1.2 & 1.3. All data at-rest is hashed, salted and encrypted in 256-bit AES. View more information on our security status page.

Secure cloud storage
Secure cloud storage

Acho is GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant. Let us know if you have other compliance requirements.

Bring data analytics collaboration to the next level

What our customers say

Robert C
Acho is a top-notch up-and-coming data warehousing vendor with a slick UI and excellent support. Acho's product is superb and very user-friendly. Their support team is very helpful and responsive. They really go the extra mile to support their clients, even if it means custom functionality. The pricing is also reasonable.

Robert C

Finance & Analytics Manager
@ Harbor Compliance

Great Product. Customer Support is excellent and the product works like it should.


IT Manager @ ESCgov

Best Cloud Based CSV Editor on the market! The speed in which it queries 20 million rows in seconds is amazing.


Admin in Information 
Technology and Services

Excellent Product. The user experience is super friendly and intuitive for users without coding background. You can see the attention to detail with the placement and design of every function. They are almost always at where the users would expect them to be.

James Z

CEO @ Startup

Jasper V
Acho is the perfect tool to process big CSV files. Super easy and fast processing and analysing of huge CSV files. Haven't found any other tools to do this better then Acho.

Jasper V

Director @ Cloud ÉÉN

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