Hope everything is going well in 2023 so far! Today, we are excited to announce some of the latest updates on Acho. With these new features and enhancements, you will now be able to

  • build complex visualizations with simple controls

More settings and customizations are now available at your disposal for advanced charting and visualization. Directly on your canvas, charts can be previewed in real-time to reflect any changes. Of course, there will be many more charts coming for your BI projects.  

  • reference data easily by simply typing

Referencing data within the app builder was a daunting task. Many variables, field names and values needed to be memorized. Now, you can directly insert them in the data node, action flow, configuration and may other places with auto-suggestion.  

Acho type inference
  • automate data services with "headless mode"

When a data app is deployed, many of its services can be automated in the "headless mode" so services such as emails, text messages, data sharing, web hooks/scraping can now run continuously in the backend.

Acho headless action flow 
  • interact with disparate data sources in the new data node  

The new data node is more powerful, consolidated, and usable than before. Now, all the JSON outputs from the data nodes are visibly accessible. The parameters inserted are also more explicit to help you write SQL much better.

Acho-data node

Also this month, we've added many more demo apps here https://acho.io/live-demo. There are a lot more interactive applications for you to start with. Whether it's advanced charting or automation service, the demo apps should give you a gist of what Acho is capable of.

This concludes this month's monthly product updates. I'll see you next month!

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