Acho was founded on the premise that millions of data workers are in need of something much more powerful than spreadsheets, SQL, and dashboards. Today, teams are scrambling to set up so-called “Modern Data Stacks” for scaling their operation in sales, marketing, finance, and operation. While the tool providers tout the latest, coolest tool, analysts are facing an existential question - “Am I an analyst or engineer?”.

If you work in marketing, your primary concern probably shouldn’t be how to stream real-time data into a data warehouse and then version 20 different queried views for you fellow marketer. Though we are seeing more analysts getting swamped in building out the “Modern Data Stacks” than actually focusing on improving the ROI, AOV, CTR and other metrics for their companies.

We think the tools are stealing the spotlight and causing a bit of distraction. That’s why we’re announcing a new model for building tools -  joint development for customized apps. This means that we’ll customize any business application for you as long as 1. you provide a data source 2. you work with us under a subscription.

Why do we think that this makes the most sense for analysts? First, this means that teams do not have to employ expensive engineering resources to scale their operation. We will provide world-class engineers to help you set up data infrastructure at a flat fee. Think of us as SAP consultants who write Javascript, Java and C. Secondly, this means a LOT of customization as opposed to leasing out dozens of generic SaaS tools whose costs can grow uncontrollably very soon.

Empower data analysts

Analysts are not engineers, though a full-stack analyst should be able to deliver insight beyond what’s on a spreadsheet. That’s we’re helping analysts build real-time dashboards, interactive dashboards, predication applications, alerting apps or any other business applications that their team needs.

Collaborate between teammates

Every time your team signs up a new SaaS tool, it becomes a bit harder to collaborate since everyone needs to move assets in, learn how it works, and get used to the new space. Most SaaS tools also have seat-based pricing. These factors make many tools we use isolated silos after a while. By bringing these applications together, you’ll be much more likely to avoid wasting time and money.

Scala operation with certainty

Most tools in the modern data stack have usage-based pricing. This might be okay for well-capitalized companies. For most businesses, however, scaling operations with a dozen tools that have usage-based pricing can be a headache. Especially for analysts, data cost is much harder to forecast for analytical projects in comparison to engineering development. That’s why we’re offering a flat subscription for all the toolings we offer.

If any of these make sense to you, feel free to schedule a discovery call with us. Let’s find out if we can be fit.