Bigger .CSV files are not very accessible in most desktop programs. In fact, there is a hard limit of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in an Excel spreadsheet. If your table is larger, you may need to parse and process it via Python, SAS, or R. Either one of these tools however would consume a lot of local computational resources.

To access these file, cloud computing does a much better job. You can first upload the CSV file to Acho Studio. Then you’ll see the preview parser. Make sure that you have all the column type correct and no empty column names. You can also select the auto-parser. Then you can create a project to access this CSV file.

1.  Read the CSV file

I tried processing something that’s over 7.4 million rows and 750mb in size here. It’d take a minute or two to upload depending on your WIFI network. Processing it wouldn’t take too long neither.

Acho CSV Previewer, how to open a big CSV file, how to upload multiple CSVs
Acho Studio's CSV Parser 

2. Load data into a project

Then you can load it up in a project. You can do many different database manipulations to your dataset such as filter, sort, join, and etc. Then you can use the little cloud button on the right to download the csv. file after you process it.

transform, edit CSV in actions
Build a project in Acho Studio

For more on this, you can check out a video tutorial here.