If you have a big CSV file larger than a few hundred thousand rows, it’d be pretty hard to access it in a spreadsheet program, let alone bulk edit its value. The reason behind this is because spreadsheets do not store large amounts of values well. Being stored in a grid of individual cells, these data records can take a lot of computational power to edit.

Use a SQL database

It’s a lot better to edit them in a SQL database, which can organize a collection of relational data tables. Though parsing your files into a SQL database can be painful, since CSVs come in all shapes and sizes and they’re not necessarily clean and structured. Check out this article on how to open a large CSV file.

Use a command prompt

Command-line can read your CSV file as a relational table. Being a Unix program, it’s a powerful and flexible way to process your files. Though its lack of a GUI interface makes it hard to navigate through your table and files.

command line for reading csv files

Use a cloud database

One of the biggest strengths of a cloud database is that it can process large amounts of data at a faster speed than one computer. Another advantage is that it will help you parse and clean the CSV data easier than you writing codes.

Upload and preview the file

When you upload, you can choose to upload a single file or multiple files altogether. Make sure all the column sets are the same when you choose to upload multiple files. The system will automatically combine the files together into one giant table.

bulk upload CSV files to acho

When previewing the table, you may run into issues because of the file. Check out this documentation if you do. The “Safe Mode” is designed to solve most of the problems. If none works, contact the team and they should parse the file for you.

preview csv files to acho

Bulk edit a table

When you have the table loaded in a project, you will have a variety of tools to edit your files. From filter to pivot table, you can apply them to your table regardless of its sources or sizes.

If there's more advanced manipulation you want to do, you can either use the SQL editor or ask the team for help.

bulk edit csv files on acho

Support a system

Once you have your table built and edited, you can download it as an Excel file, publish it to a Business Intelligences tool, or send it to an app.

bulk export csv files from acho

If you’re proficient with SQL or Python, this might not be a big issue. Even bulk editing CSV files via scripting can be prone to errors and time-consuming. If you have files that are harder to access or manipulate, feel free to chat with team Acho or email contact@acho.io