Can a Modern Data Stack Benefit Your Sales Ops?

A modern data stack sounds more like a term used and abetted by a business’ IT department than your sales ops team. However, there are many ways in which modern data stacks can be extremely useful to sales ops.

Here is a definition of what modern data stacks are and how they can help your sales ops team.

What is a Modern Data Stack?

A modern data stack is a data structure that organizes and analyzes the information using the LIFO method (Last In First Out). This structure ensures that the last element (a piece of data) entered into the system is the first element processed.

This process speeds up the analytics, giving businesses real-time data that is usable in a plethora of in-house operations, including sales ops.

How Does a Modern Data Stack Benefit Sales Operations?

Sales ops only know the information they have at their disposal. Before modern data stacks were available, sales teams were always working from outdated statistics and information from the team’s last brief.

Fortunately, due to a modern data stack’s speed, high data capacity, cost-effectiveness, and organizational operations, the annoyance of working with outdated information is obsolete. Here are the ways that a modern data stack benefits sales operations:

Modern Data Stacks Make Data Actionable

Since modern data stacks work through the LIFO model, the data is analyzed, and actionable information is receivable in real-time. Instead of having to present information, modern data stacks instantly provide actionable solutions.

Thus, sales ops can focus on their tactics on a case-by-case basis, depending on the information the stack is providing.

Modern Data Stacks Integrate with the Company’s SQL System

While the SQL system might not be something the sales team deals with directly, the unity between it and modern data stacks works to the sales ops advantage. The reason is that because the information in the modern data stacks works with the SQL, it can integrate with a host of different tools that sales ops use to do their jobs most effectively.

Modern Data Stacks are Growing Technology, Offering Continuous Insights

The technology driving modern data stacks is only starting to blossom. Throughout the next few years, sales ops will see more of their tools and everyday operations updated by modern data stacks.

So, the quicker your sales ops get into the uses already available through modern data stacks, the easier it will be for them to innovate as this technology advances.