Hope you're having a great month of April 2023 so far! We're thrilled to share with you some of the latest updates on Acho.

Feature of the Month

AI-powered SQL Data Node

Are you tired of spending an entire day sifting through a database to find the answer to one simple question? Or have you ever been told by an analyst that it would take a whole day to find a simple answer?  It's time to consider utilizing AI to generate SQL queries automatically. With AI-powered data node, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manual data sifting and welcome a faster, more efficient method of data analysis.

What’s new in Acho

1. Advanced features in API Connector

The API Connector now offers a new authentication method, HMAC, along with dynamic parameters in the request body.

2. Published apps are SEO-friendly now

Published apps have the ability to display metadata and support SEO. Additionally, they can be effortlessly shared on popular social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Build web apps with no-code project tables

Now the project table supports exporting data to apps. With projects, you can easily transform and clean data without writing codes.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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