Are you trapped in a constant state of chaos, with your data scattered across multiple systems that require manual updates one by one? Does the burden of updating an Excel report daily and manually sending it to stakeholders weigh you down? It's time to break free from this cycle and streamline your data workflow. By automating your data workflow, you can boost productivity and reduce errors caused by human intervention.

✨ 3 steps to automate your workflow

Step 1: Connect to your data source

With Acho's built-in connectors, you can easily establish a live connection to your data sources, including databases or thrid-party applications.

Step 2: Customize your destination via API

You can customize the destination of your data to match your needs. Whether you prefer sending the data to a specific platform, setting up alerts, or emailing the report to relevant individuals, the decision is in your hands.

Step 3: Automate your data workflow with schedulers

Once you've configured the source and destination, you can set up a scheduler to automate the process. This scheduler triggers the entire workflow at predefined intervals, ensuring seamless automation of your data workflow.

🚀 Unleash the power of automation

With Acho, you can automate various data-related processes, such as:

Sync data between two platforms in real-time

Keep your systems up to date and ensure seamless data consistency across multiple platforms and eliminate manual data transfers and potential errors.

Automate data cleansing and report generation

Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive data cleansing and report generation tasks. Automating the data workflow, from connecting data to generating reports, can free up your resources for more strategic activities.

Automate collecting data

Set up automated workflows that fetch data from various sources and save you the time and effort of manual data collection.  

Make actions happen when data changes

Send an alert to your email or create a new record in another system whenever there are changes in your data and ensure timely action and decision-making.

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