Doing more with less through data

Three months have flown by in 2023. In an environment of tightening budgets, austerity measures, and capital efficiency, data & analytics teams are expected to do more with less.

Are you still using dashboards to share data insights with your team? Do your “viewers” rarely use the dashboards your build? Are charts and visualizations the only “services” you’re providing to your team?

If the answers to these questions are a resounding yes, I think we’ve got a plan to help you do more with less. Check out these Data Apps we’ve built.

Automate operations, workflows, and services

Have you thought about automating tedious and repetitive tasks away? If buying an expensive RPA tool isn’t an option, try building one with us. At a fraction of the cost, you can automate customer communication, workflows, data pipelines, and even web scraping.

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Unleash the power of AI/ML through productization

Do you have a data science model that solves an important business challenge? Try productizing it with the Data App Builder in a Python-native environment with a fully productized launchpad for deployment. Within days, you can turn your AI/ML model into an intelligent product people can benefit from.

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Bring visibility to operation with Internal Tooling

We all have way too many tools… At Acho, we actually build our own for Applicant Tracking, Content Management, Custom Relationships, App Performance Monitoring, Business Reporting, and more. This helps us save thousands every month. With some development, you can do the same.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

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