What is an action?

An action is a single step taken that results in an effective change in database transformation. A list of actions can be made in sequence and they are always part of a data pipeline that transforms a table. Note that database transformation is quite different from editing a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are a grid of cells that can be edited without a pipeline. Databases however can only be changed, and manipulated in a pipeline.

Types of actions?

Some examples of actions on Acho are: addition of a new data source, creation of a new project, filtering a large table by a specific value, cleansing of one specified data column, or a query run on the existing table using SQL editor.

How does an action work?

An action does not necessarily bring permanent change to the database, the effect of an action can be offset or reverted using another action. Actions work in sequence, it means that there can only be one action being applied at a time. Each action however can be reset or reversed. Detailed explanations about how each action works are provided in the documentation. All actions on Acho are metered for usage. For example, a “Sort” action on a 1 GB table will take 1 GB in usage.

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