Data Mapping

Data Mapping

What is Data Mapping?

Data mapping is the process of matching fields from multiple datasets into a schema, or centralized database. Data mapping is required to migrate data, ingest, and process data and manage data. Ultimately the goal of data mapping is to homogenize multiple data sets into a single one.

Data mapping means that different data sets, with varying ways of defining similar points, can be combined in a way that makes it accurate and usable at the end destination.

How does Data Mapping work?

Data mapping in simple terms is about creating a map where source data is directed to the targeted database. The target database can be a relational database or it can be a CSV document – it depends on the choice of the user. In most cases, a data mapping template is used to match fields from one database system to the other.

Types and Examples:

The DBMS is responsible for mapping between these three types of schemas in the database of the same file to represent it. There are two types of mapping

  • External-Conceptual Mapping

  • Conceptual-Internal Mapping

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