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Flat File Database

What is a Flat File Database?

Unlike the relational database, a Flat File Database stores the data in a single plain text file. A flat-file can be said to have no structure. Each line in a text file contains only one record in which different fields are usually separated by a delimiter like a comma or a tab. Different database programs have the functionality to import these flat-file databases and then perform operations on them.

Flat file databases have a lot of limitations and as the size of data increases the efficiency of the flat-file systems starts to decrease.

Types of Flat File Database?

There are multiple types of Flat Flat files:

  • Plain Text

  • Binary File

  • Delimited File

A plain text file usually contains symbols of natural languages. The binary file contains the sequence of binary data without any constraints. Delimited files are like a table structure and contain special characters to separate the fields, like a comma at the end of a line.

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