JDBC Connection

JDBC Connection

What is JDBC Connection?

JDBC stands for Java Database Connection. JDBC is an SQL-based Application Programming Interface (API) created to enable Java applications to use SQL for database access. Essentially, JDBC is a gateway for Java applications to access and retrieve data from databases that are located elsewhere.

How does JDBC Connection work?

JDBC connection is done by first installing a JDBC connector or driver (downloadable from the internet). And then specifying within the driver the exact database location and access credentials for connecting to the database. Multiple JDBC connections can be set up at the same time, of course. It’s just that one connection is needed per different database. After the setup, users can use the JDBC connection to issue SQL commands to the database from a Java application and or retrieve the corresponding data directly into the Java application.

Types of JDBC Connection?

JDBC connection is often mentioned with or compared to OBDC connection. The two are very similar in setup and usage. It’s just that JDBC is created by Sun Microsystems for Java applications and ODBC is created by Microsoft for Windows software applications.

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