Multi-Dimensional OLAP(MOLAP)

Multi-Dimensional OLAP(MOLAP)

What is Multi-Dimensional OLAP(MOLAP)?

MOLAP stands for Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing. It is a type of OLAP process which utilizes a multidimensional data model so that analysis of data can be done easily. Data in MOLAP is pre-computed, pre-summarized, and is stored in MOLAP. MOLAP has the capability of storing different permutations and combinations of data which is already stored in a multidimensional array. This means it processes the data which is already stored in the defined multidimensional array. All cells of data presentation can be accessed directly from the array. As a result, MOLAP is faster and gives responses to the analytical data.

How Multi-Dimensional OLAP(MOLAP) works?

Using the front end tool which is a component in MOLAP architecture, the user can send a request for reports through the interface which is present. Once the information request is sent then comes the application layer. This layer consists of the MOLAP server. The MOLAP server takes the responsibility of metadata request processing. This means the application logic layer of the metadata database retrieves the stored data which is in the database. Once this is retrieved the application layer then forwards the result obtained to the client or user.

How does Multi-Dimensional OLAP(MOLAP) work?

Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) is a classical OLAP that facilitates data analysis by using a multidimensional data cube. Data is pre-computed, re-summarized, and stored in a MOLAP (a major difference from ROLAP). Using a MOLAP, a user can use multidimensional view data with different facets.

Types and Examples:

Commercial products that use MOLAP are Oracle Database OLAP Option, Microsoft Analysis Services, Essbase.

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