What is No SQL?

NoSQL is a non-tabular type of database; its method of storing data is different from relational tables. NoSQL databases store the data in a graph, key-value, document, or wide-column format. NoSQL database type is helpful in the smooth handling of a large amount of data and works efficiently under higher user loads. NoSQL databases can handle unstructured, complex, and dubious data. NoSQL does not use SQL to manipulate data. NoSQL can be used on cloud storage, it provides rapid development, and does limit storable data types.

How does No SQL work?

In SQL databases mostly data is kept in more than one tables and then interconnected, for instance, for a person their basic information is stored in one table and professional information is stored in another table and either id or last name use as key to both tables. In an SQL database table, each row is a unique person and all persons have the same column headers. While NoSQL operates keeping a particular person in mind, NoSQL combines a person's basic information and professional information in a single JSON document.

Types and examples:

A few unique assortments of NoSQL databases have been made to help explicit requirements and use cases. These fall into four primary classes:
Key-value NoSQL databases accentuate straightforwardness and are helpful in quickening an application to help fast read and write handling of non-value-based data.
Document stores: Document databases normally store self-portraying JSON, XML, and BSON documents.
Wide-column stores: Wide-column NoSQL databases store data in tables with rows and columns like RDBMS, yet names and organizations of columns can fluctuate from row to row among the table.
Graph stores: A graph database utilizes graph structures to store, schematize, and query data.

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