Nominal Data

Nominal Data

What is Nominal Data?

Nominal data (otherwise called nominal scale) is an order of categorical factors that don't offer any quantitative value. Authored from the Latin terminology "Nomen" (meaning name), it is some of the time said "named" or "labeled" data. Now and again, nominal data may qualify as both quantitative and qualitative.

Nominal data is the establishment of statistical examination and any other numerical sciences. They are unique snippets of data recorded and utilized with the goal of examination. It is used for data analysis. In data, analysis, appropriate grouping, and utilization of data are profoundly reliant on one's comprehension of what data is.

When contemplating data, we think about 2 factors - mathematical and categorical. Mathematical factors are arranged into ceaseless and discrete data, while categorical values are separated into nominal and ordinal data.

How does Nominal Data work?

Nominal data is collected by questioning people. Surveys could be said as an example of nominal data. The analyst gives open-ended questions to people and records the inputs. For example:

  • What is your profession?

  • Where do you belong?

The analyst the most probably will provide a blank text box or drop-down list for answers to the respondent.

Types and Examples:

Types of Ordinal data are:

  • Multiple response questions such as asking to choose any 3 from a given list

  • Choosing one out of two options such as Male or Female gender

  • Open-ended questions

  • Close-ended questions

Examples of ordinal forms are:

  • Political surveys

  • Student enrolment forms

  • Job forms, and so on

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