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Range Check

What is a Range Check?

A range check is a validation method for databases. A range check ensures that data is between an upper and lower acceptable value, within a certain range. Range checks are useful for dates, numbers, and even strings.

Types of Range Check?

There are many different types of Range Checks:

  • Check digit: The check digit is used to ensure that code numbers that are originally produced by a computer are re-entered into another computer correctly.

  • Format check: This checks that the input data is in the right format.

  • Length check: this is used to make sure that the correct number of characters are entered into the field. It confirms that the character string entered is neither too short nor too long

  • Lookup table: this helps to lessen errors in a field with a limited list of values.

  • Presence check: this kind of check makes sure that an essential or required field cannot be left blank: it must be filled in. If someone attempts to leave the field blank, then an error message will be displayed, and they won’t be able to proc=eed to the next step, nor will they be able to save any other data which they have entered.

  • Range check: this is generally used when working with data which contains numbers, currency, or date and time values.

  • Spell check: This makes sure that field name and values are spelled correctly.

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