What is RDBMS?

RDBMS is a Relational Database Management System and its a type of database management system that stores data in a structured format using columns, making it easy to locate and access data concerning another piece of data in the database. It is the software that executes queries on the data, including adding, updating, and searching for values. RDBMS provides a visual representation of the data. It displays data in tables like a spreadsheet, allowing you to view and even edit individual values in the table. Some RDMBS programs allow users to create forms that can perform entering, editing and deleting data.

Examples of RDBMS

  1. MySQL

  2. PostgreSQL

  3. SQLite

  4. Acho Studio

How RDBMS works?

Relational Database Management System stores data in the form of tables. It contains N number of tables and each table has its unique primary key. A table consists of a row and a column. The row is known as a Record or horizontal entity. The record holds information about the individual entry. The column is known as a field or vertical entity. The field holds information about a specific field.

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