Personally Identifiable Data

Personally Identifiable Data

What is Personally Identifiable Data?

Personally identifiable data (also called PII) is the type of data that can represent any person. It is the type of data that is once utilized, represents characteristics of a person. Personally identifiable data may contain your full name, your CNIC number, your driving license, clinical records, and other data about yourself.

How does personally identifiable data work?

PII is a type of data that can be processed to represent a specific person. It may contain a telephone number, national identification number, passport, university card or student card, locations, emails, license information, and much more. As data grows, the security issue rises. Data privacy has become a pivotal problem in the age of the internet. Hackers are breaching terms and conditions of cyber-security agreement and stealing the personal information of millions of online users. Sophisticated hackers can steal credit card information, full name, banking details, date of birth, and residency locations. Implementing security measures against hackers has been difficult. Prevention has fared better than cure in this regard.

Types of Personally Identifiable Data?

Here are some of the major types of personally identifiable data:

  • Complete name

  • Street number

  • Email address

  • Federal retirement aide number

  • Driver's permit number

  • Visa numbers

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Possessed properties such as vehicle recognizable proof number(VIN)

  • Login subtleties

  • Processor or gadget sequential number*

  • Media access control (MAC)

  • Web Protocol (IP) address

  • Gadget IDs

  • Session cookies*

On the other hand, there exists linkable data that is when linked together forms the complete meaning or completes the information about a person.

Here are a few examples of such type of data:

  • First or last name (if normal)

  • Nation, state, city, postal district

  • Sex

  • Race

  • Teenage (for example 13-19 rather than 15)

  • Occupation position and working environment

There are two kinds of data One is personally identifiable data and the second is individual data. There is no difference between both types of information but the meaning and linking.

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